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Therapist specializing in complex clients suffering from substance use disorders or related addiction disorders using an integrated approach with family, and community support systems. Completely inclusive of the LGBT community and highly adept at building relationships with teenagers/young people experiencing difficulty.

I’m Heather Phillips

Licensed Professional Counselor, MA, MEd, LPC, CAC, III

My passion for becoming a counselor derives from my own personal experience in adolescence going through counseling myself. I remember feeling scared, alone, and as if every counselor that met me was phony and had no idea how I was feeling. At this early age, I decided that one day I would become a mental health therapist and help young people; and be there for others as I so desperately needed.

My Areas of Focus

Substance Abuse

I treat Substance Use Disoders (SUD) from a harm reduction approach, which means meeting with a client and trying to meet them where they are at in their use. They may be resistant or angry to stop use and that is ok and something that I specialize in addressing with the client.

Co-Occurring Disorders

Co-Occurring Disorders are different mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, and mood disorders that are present along side substance abuse. It is important to treat BOTH addiction and mental health disorders in order for an individual to be as healthy as possible.


Trauma can be an incredibly disruptive presence in a person’s life. The difficulty associated with being unable to move past a damaging experience can linger for months or even years. Trauma comes in many forms and types but a desire to seek help for it can be the hardest step.

“Heather helped me through one of the most difficult moments in my life and was always supportive, helpful, and willing to go above and beyond to help my progress and ensure my mental health. She always had time for me even outside of our sessions. She actually cares about her clients and there’s no mental health professional that I’d ever choose over her.” Sarah H.


Demographics I Specialize In


I proudly support the gay, queer, and trans community and come from a non-faith-based orientation, unique among therapists in Colorado Springs. Specifically I focus on gender identity, transgender, and general LGBT issues.


While adolescent conflict is normal for many young people if the behavior becomes violent or extremely disruptive it might be a sign of something deeper. Treatment focuses on connecting with child or teenager on a respectful, understanding level, and building trust.

Young Adults

The early stages of adulthood are often rife with difficulties and very few emotional support networks. Furthermore substance abuse, addiction, and the earliest stages of mental illness tend to begin manifesting during this incredibly formative time.


Addiction in adolescents/adults, family addiction, LBGTIQ related gender identity issues, trans-gendered issues, Borderline Personality D/O, porn and sexual addiction related issues, binge-eating, eating D/O’s, behavioral problems in youth and young adults, school problems with adolescents, transitions in families, and complex trauma and PTSD.

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