Teens, and those about to enter into adolescence, do not gain social maturity and emotional stability overnight. For most it can be a trying process and while some kids might find it easy or straight forward to develop these necessary traits, others often struggle. In some cases, the need for professional help is required.
This is partially why I decided to focus on aiding this age group in particular. There’s not only a clear need for the help but oftentimes this field of therapy can be sparse in options for therapists. I have a long and extensive background working with teenagers and near-adolescents, connecting with them on a level that works to address their needs.
Working with this demographic in particular can be a challenge especially when establishing effective communication but one that I excel at. Above all, therapy can be a safe space for kids to process thoughts and emotions. Helping them to address their problems and build a brighter future.
Situations that require the use of professional therapy may include:

  • The birth of a sibling
  • The death of a loved one, such as a family member or a pet
  • Physical or sexual abuse
  • Poverty or homelessness
  • Natural disaster
  • Domestic violence
  • Moving to a new place or attending a new school
  • Being bullied
  • Taking on more responsibility than is age-appropriate
  • Parental divorce or separation

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